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Areas to Support

  • The Annual Fund - Support the most urgent priorities at our hospital. This powerful fund drives the purchase of life saving equipment that our community depends on.  When you make a gift to the Annual Fund, you join thousands of other community donors in transforming local healthcare.
  • Reddy Cancer Center - Help us continue to provide the most advanced cancer treatment possible to patients living in our community.
  • The Kalpana Reddy Patient Care Fund at the Reddy Cancer Center - Help alleviate the financial stress that cancer brings, so families can focus on healing.
  • The Alice Center - Gifts to The Alice Center helps us care for our loved ones and provide our residents access to the highest quality care in a comfortable environment.
  • Activities at The Alice Center - Help us continue to provide residents with meaningful activities.
  • The Breast Cancer Patient Care Fund - Helps alleviate the financial stress that breast cancer brings.

2021 Special Project - The Alice Center

You have the power to make an impact!

Enjoying the best quality of life possible at The Alice Center

The Alice Center provides assisted living, advanced skilled nursing and rehabilitative care in a homelike atmosphere designed to promote privacy and dignity. The Center adds value to our community and provides peace of mind for hundreds of local families.

Join us as we embark on a special project that will be life-changing for the residents of The Alice Center – the creation of a green space to enjoy the outdoors.  The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of providing a well-equipped, outdoor space where residents can visit safely with their beloved family and friends.  With the support of our generous donors we will create a beautiful space that promotes healthy activities, encourages social interactions, and enhances this already top-quality facility.  Your donation will help construct an accessible walking path, improvements to the landscaping, and paving of the emergency roadway that wraps around the facility. 

This project will include:

  • Construction of a paved, accessible walking path that will provide a space for residents to enjoy the outdoors and benefit from fresh air and sunshine while exercising independently or as part of their rehabilitation or treatment plans.
  • Improvements to the landscaping by adding new trees, plants and shrubbery, benches, and children’s play equipment to create a well-appointed, beautiful space where residents can share precious moments of connection with friends and family of all ages. This space will also be appropriate for animals so residents can visit with their beloved pets.
  • Paving the emergency roadway that wraps around the Center, ensuring our Facilities Department has easy access to perform maintenance and keep The Alice Center‘s outdoor spaces ready and available for residents’ enjoyment.  This portion of the project has been completed thanks to our generous donors!

The esimated cost to complete this project is $200,000.

Ensuring that our residents enjoy the best quality of life possible is one of our top priorities and your support will help us achieve this goal and will brighten life for everyone at The Alice Center.   

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