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Gifts help us to transform rural healthcare.
Your support makes a difference every day to our patients.

Areas to Support

The Annual Fund - Support the most urgent priorities at our hospital. This powerful fund drives the purchase of life saving equipment that our community depends on.  When you make a gift to the Annual Fund, you join thousands of other community donors in transforming local healthcare.

Reddy Cancer Treatment Center - Help us continue to provide the most advanced cancer treatment possible to patients living in our community.

  • The Kalpana Reddy Patient Care Fund - Helps alleviate the financial stress that cancer brings, so patients can focus on healing.
  • The Breast Cancer Patient Care Fund - Helps alleviate the financial stress associated with breast cancer.

The Alice Center - Gifts to The Alice Center helps us care for our loved ones and provide our residents access to the highest quality care in a comfortable environment.

  • Activities at The Alice Center - Help us continue to provide residents with meaningful activities.
  • The Alice Center Walkway Project - Join us as we embark on a special project that will be life-changing for the residents of The Alice Center – the creation of a green space to enjoy the outdoors. Learn more