Welcome To The Alice Hyde Medical Center Patient Portal

For your convenience and continuity of care, we have made patient health information accessible to each individual.  Our patient portal is a secure way to share health records, request appointments, view medication history, and more.

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Enter the AHMC Hospital Portal for medical record information about the following areas:

  • Inpatient Care
  • Diagnostic Imaging Reports
  • Laboratory Services
  • Allergies and Conditions
  • Request and View Appointments
  • Visit History
  • Billing Information

Need help logging in?
To enroll you will need the Medical Record Number provided to you at the hospital and the email address you registered with.  If you need help finding this information, contact our Health Information Management Department at (518) 481-2215.

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Enter the AHMC Practice Portal for medical record information about the following areas:

  • Alice Hyde Medical Practices
  • Bessette Health Center
  • Dwyer Health Center
  • Martin J. Leroux Health Center
  • Tower Health Center
  • Alice Hyde General Surgery
  • Alice Hyde Endocrinology
  • Alice Hyde Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Alice Hyde Orthopedics & Sports Medicine
  • Alice Hyde Urology
  • Alice Hyde Pediatrics

Need help logging in?
Contact your provider’s office.