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Alice Hyde's ASU, OR Teams Put Patients First


At Alice Hyde, teamwork is a hallmark of the compassionate care every patient receives – and when a patient makes their way to our Operating Room, OR team members like Barbara Dustin, CRNFA, and members of our Ambulatory Surgery Unit (ASU) are key links in the chain of care. Whether it’s completing routine pre-operative prep work or making sure a patient’s specific needs are addressed in the moment, the teams embody the way working Stronger Together positively impacts our patients and our people.

“You can’t be everywhere at the same time,” says Barbara, of the challenges of shepherding patients from admissions or inpatient care to the OR for their surgical procedures. In late September, when a hip replacement patient being cared for on our Medical-Surgical Floor came to the ASU during a busy shift, registered nurses Michel Ashline and Leanne King jumped into action.

“[The patient] was so uncomfortable, and we were trying to get them comfortable,” said Michel, who has been a member of Alice Hyde’s ASU team since 2017, and with the hospital since 2012. “I think everything just runs smoother if we work as a team.”

With Barbara’s schedule in the Operating Room packed, Michel and Leanne jumped in to complete the many pre-operative tasks the patient, who was in considerable hip discomfort and nervous about her upcoming procedure, needed before her surgery could begin.

From routine tasks like starting the patient’s IV and placing pre-operative antibiotics orders, to working to address the patient’s hip discomfort during their wait, the pair of RNs spent about 30 minutes ensuring continuity of the patient’s care – an impactful half-hour for both the patient and for Barbara.

“We’re just looking for their best outcome and best experience,” said Leanne, who has served on the ASU team for eight years, and has been with Alice Hyde for more than 30 years. “I think just the continuity of care and knowing that it is a team effort and that we work well as a team, that’s putting patients first.”

Barbara returned from the OR to find the patient’s room set up, her hip discomfort addressed, and the OR prep work complete – care that not only gave the patient comfort and peace of mind during the run-up to a major surgery, but work that helped the OR’s busy schedule stay on track.

“When I came back those guys had already made sure the patient had what they needed,” she said. “It made such a difference in my day, and in the patient’s day too.”