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A 'Thank You' from the Alice Hyde Board of Directors to our Outstanding Team


Nearly two years ago, the Alice Hyde family rose to the challenge of a global pandemic. Since March of 2019, we have been watching your commitment, dedication, passion and professionalism with pride and respect.

We have watched with pride as:

This year, as the delta variant’s surge across the North Country inundated our Med-Surg Unit and Emergency Department with high patient volumes, our Nursing teams stepped into the challenge with grace, compassion, and reassurance for those under our care. Our support services teams – charged with keeping our facilities clean, safe and operational -- have once again exceeded our expectations. And our long-term-care team at The Alice Center continues to work tirelessly to keep our residents safe, healthy and connected with their friends, family and loved ones.

To achieve these things, many of you are working extra shifts and picking up responsibilities outside your normal duties -- and have been doing so for many months, even as this crisis creates challenges at home, at school, and in your everyday lives.

Your efforts have not gone unnoticed. As Alice Hyde’s Board of Directors, we speak with one voice in thanking each and every one of you for the positive impact you make every day on the lives around you. Your tenacity and resilience in the face of the historic challenges we face is truly inspirational, and without your selfless commitment and sacrifice, we would not be able to weather this crisis.

As we work towards emerging from this pandemic, every member of the Alice Hyde family continues to do their part to ensure our friends, neighbors and loved ones continue to receive the care they need. You have faced these historic and challenging times with flexibility and an inspiring commitment to patient care, clinical quality, and each other.

You each make an important difference in our community every day, and we are blessed to have you as members of the Alice Hyde family.