VISITATION UPDATE: Learn more about our updated visitation guidelines.

Cancer Care


Reddy Cancer Treatment Center

23 Fourth Street
Suite 2
Malone,  NY  12953

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday
8:00am - 4:00pm

Our Services

For more Information

Contact Penny Pitts, Regional Oncology Services Director, to learn more about our Radiation Oncology, Medical Oncology and Hematology services.

 (518) 481-8080

The Reddy Cancer Center offers state-of-the-art treatment services; the Center offers medical and radiation oncology treatment options, including Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) in the fight against cancer.

IMRT is an advanced computer programming system that delivers precise radiation doses to a malignant tumor. IMRT allows for the radiation dose to conform more precisely to the three-dimensional shape of the tumor by controlling the intensity of the radiation beam in multiple small volumes. Because the ratio of healthy tissue dose to tumor dose is reduced to a minimum with the IMRT approach, higher and more effective radiation doses can safely be delivered to tumors with fewer side-effects compared with conventional radiotherapy techniques.

Infusion Treatment

Type of Infusions Available:

  • Chemotherapy
  • Immunotherapy
  • Biotherapy
  • Blood Components (Red Blood Cells, platelets, etc.)
  • Blood Derivatives (IVIG, clotting factors, etc.)
  • IV Hydration and Electrolyte Replacement
  • IV Antibiotics

Types of Conditions Treated by Infusions:

  • Cancer
  • Blood Disorders (Hematology)
  • Rheumatology Disorders
  • Osteoporosis Treatment
  • Hydration/Electrolyte Imbalances
  • Outpatient IV Antibiotic Treatments
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Myasthenia Gravis
  • Gastrointestinal Disorders

Our Staff

The Center has a dedicated and compassionate staff of the highest caliber. The team is led by Dr. Anthony Vaccaro, Medical Director and Radiation Oncologist at the Reddy Cancer Center. In his position with the Reddy Cancer Treatment Center, Dr. Vaccaro is the leader in cancer care for Franklin County residents. In addition, he leads the team at the Reddy Center and guides the direction of oncology at Alice Hyde Medical Center.

The Center is also staffed by a Director, a well experienced and trained radiation therapy staff, a superb ancillary staff dedicated to patient care, and a full time Medical Physicist with many years experience.

The Center, as a service of Alice Hyde Medical Center, is also accredited by the Joint Commission.

For more information, please contact:

Penny Pitts, Regional Oncology Services Director

Reddy Cancer Center
(518) 481-8080

American College of Radioation Oncology


For further information check out these sites:

Our New Patient Experience

Delivering high-quality care in an environment of safety and trust has always been at the core of our mission. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we are taking extra precautions by adjusting some of the ways we provide care, both in-person and remotely, to ensure our patients feel safe and secure while in our care. It is important you know what to expect when you visit your health care provider, whatever the reason for your visit; below you can find information on the steps we are taking to make your safety and health our first priority.


Call (518) 481-8080 to schedule an appointment. A patient access representative will confirm the date, time and location with you, and explain our pre-registration process. They will discuss COVID-19 screening questions with you, review our visitor policy, and notify you that all patients and visitors are required to wear a mask while in our care.

Care That’s Right For You

Whether you’re seeing your health care provider in person, via video, speaking over the phone, or coming to the Reddy Cancer Center for a curbside telehealth visit, our office is ready to deliver the care you need in a safe, effective and timely manner. Call our office to speak with a staff member about the different ways you can get care, and visit for more information.

Visitor Restrictions

You may be accustomed to bringing a friend or loved one to your appointments. Thank you for understanding that our temporary no-visitor restrictions are in place as part of our efforts to make the health and safety of our patients and employees our top priority. Patients must attend their health care appointments by themselves, with a few exceptions:

  • Pediatric patients (allowed 1 support person)
  • Labor & Delivery patients (allowed 1 support person)
  • Patients with intellectual disabilities and/or developmental disabilities, cognitive impairments (including dementia), and patients for whom a support person has been deemed essential to their care (allowed 1 support person)
  • Patients in imminent end-of-life situations may be permitted one family member and/or legal representative at a time, at the bedside. Please speak with your health care provider for more information on end-of-life situations and the temporary visitor restrictions.


All patients, visitors and employees entering Alice Hyde facilities are screened for COVID-19 symptoms. This screening includes a series of questions to determine possible exposure or symptoms, a temperature check, and a review of masking and hygiene policies.

  • What if I do not pass my screening? Don’t worry! We are taking every precaution to minimize exposure to others and ensure you receive the care you need. If necessary, your provider will be notified and will work directly with you to ensure your appointment is kept.
  • What if I forgot to bring my own mask? We encourage all patients to bring their own cloth mask to wear while in our care. If you do not have a mask upon arrival, you will be given one to wear before being admitted to your providers’ office for your visit. All patients and employees must wear a mask while in Alice Hyde facilities or offices.
  • Do I need to get a COVID-19 test before my appointment? Before certain surgeries or procedures, you may be tested for COVID-19 and asked to self-quarantine at home between the time of your test and the time of your appointment. Additionally, patients admitted through our emergency department may also be tested for COVID-19.

Common Areas, Waiting Rooms and Exam Rooms

To ensure our patients and employees are not put in situations where it is impossible to follow social distancing guidelines, we are eliminating the use of waiting rooms in our clinical offices. As part of this effort, you will be asked to wait in your car before being brought directly to your exam room, instead of checking in at an office’s front desk.  When you arrive at your provider’s office, please call to let them know you are there; a member of the office staff will meet you outside to perform pre-appointment screenings. After your screening is complete you will be asked to hand sanitize and be taken you directly to your exam room, where you will meet with your provider or health care team.

Your safety and health are our first priority. The following areas are cleaned and disinfected with a hospital-grade disinfectant between each visit:

  • Exam Rooms
  • Front Desk Counters
  • Checkout Counters
  • Waiting Room Furniture
  • Patient Bathrooms


Like our new check-in experience, we are doing everything possible to avoid the use of common areas and prevent patients from coming into contact with others while in our care. After you meet with your provider, a member of the office staff will enter your exam room and go through the checkout procedure with you. After checkout, you will be escorted out of the building by a member of the office staff. As part of our work to ensure patients’ safety, appointment times will be staggered and limited to ensure social distancing and limit exposure in our offices.

Care Providers