Hastings Hemodialysis Unit


Hastings Hemodialysis Unit

20 Fourth Street
Malone,  NY  12901

Hastings Hemodialysis Unit

The Hemodialysis staff is comprised of Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Patient Care Technicians and Re-Use/Water Technicians, Social Worker and Dietician. Many of our licensed and unlicensed staff are nationally certified as Certified Nephrology Nurses or Technicians.

Our facility provides chronic outpatient dialysis for patients residing within a 40 mile radius of the facility. Patients are admitted to our facility by referral following initial evaluation and treatment at CVPH.

Our facility takes pride in the care we provide to patients and their families and has maintained within the 95th percentile of like facilities for efficiency, quality and customer satisfaction.

The Wade and Marjorie Hastings Hemodialysis unit, an essential health care service for North Country residents, opened in February 1997 due to the generosity and financial support of Dr. Wade Hastings and his wife, Marjorie. They, the hospital administration and members of the Board of Directors recognized the desperate need to have this life-saving treatment in Malone and dedicated their time to open the Unit. Prior to Alice Hyde Medical Center opening the Hemodialysis Unit, dialysis patients had no choice but to travel a long distance for treatment.

A team of nineteen health care professionals, including Nationally Certified Registered Nurses and technicians, Licensed Practical Nurses, a chief technologist, a social worker, a dietician, a receptionist, and van drivers, provide exceptional kidney dialysis services for 45 patients from Franklin, Clinton, and St. Lawrence Counties six days a week.

"The Wade and Marjorie Hastings Hemodialysis Unit has grown tremendously throughout the past ten-years with the support of patients, families, physicians, staff, and our community,” said John Johnson, AHMC President/CEO. “As the need for hemodialysis services grow, so too does the facility. When the HDU opened there were twelve patients with nine treatment stations and today the Unit cares for 47 patients with 11 stations. Future plans for the unit include a Pre-dialysis Education Program for the increasing need in our community."

The HDU physicians and staff provide comprehensive care for patients, including End-Stage Renal Disease treatment, dietary education, and emotional and financial counseling. Additionally, the staff and patients work very hard meeting the extremely strict health requirements in order for those select patients to remain on organ transplant lists.

Alice Hyde Medical Center’s Dialysis Outcome Quality Indicators are consistently higher than the state and national averages. In the most recent survey the Hasting’s Hemodialysis Unit exceeded the state average of 92% and the national average of 92% with a score of 98% for adequate anemia management. In addition, AHMC has 93% of its patients reaching the dialysis adequacy measurement with the state average being 93% and the national average being 92%.

For the past decade the HDU staff and patients have had many accomplishments including consistently scoring higher than the state and national averages for quality indicators and being in the top 2.5% of survival rates in the nation. More than 60% of the staff in the HDU is specialty certified. The unit has received National Patient Recognition awards, and enjoys a successful patient driven support group.


  • 45 patients 
  • 11 stations
  • Hours of operation-Monday, Wednesday, Friday 5:00a.m. to 9:00p.m. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 5:00a.m. to 5:00p.m.
  • Treat “transient patients” (patients visiting the area)
  • Patients from Akwesasne, Bangor, Brushton, Chateaugay, Constable, Fort Covington, Massena, North Lawrence, Norwood, St. Regis Falls, and other surrounding areas receive treatment at the Wade and Marjorie Hastings Hemodialysis Center.

We will be happy to answer your questions or concerns regarding the information you have accessed on this site. For more information, contact the Hastings Hemodialysis Unit at (518) 563-2057.

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