Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine

Medical Doctors who diagnose and treat diseases and disorders of the body for people over 18 years of age; includes basic and preventive health care treatment as well as diagnosis and treatment of both acute and chronic illnesses and diseases.

The following are the subspecialties recognized by the American Board of Internal Medicine. 

  • Cardiology, dealing with disorders of the heart and blood vessels
  • Endocrinology, dealing with disorders of the endocrine system and its specific secretions called hormones
  • Gastroenterology, concerned with the field of digestive diseases
  • Hematology, concerned with blood, the blood-forming organs and its disorders
  • Infectious disease, concerned with disease caused by a biological agent such as by a virus, bacterium or parasite
  • Medical oncology, dealing with the study and treatment of cancer
  • Nephrology, dealing with the study of the function and diseases of the kidney
  • Pulmonology, dealing with diseases of the lungs and the respiratory tract
  • Rheumatology, devoted to the diagnosis and therapy of rheumatic diseases.

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