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Mammography is an important tool in the early detection of breast cancer. At Alice Hyde Medicical Center, our 3D technology allows for a more thorough review, quicker results and less likelihood to need additional imaging.

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What is Mammography?

Mammography is the process of using low-dose X-rays to capture images of internal breast tissue. It is used to look for different types of tumors and cysts.

Why get a Mammogram? 

Mammography has been proven to reduce mortality from breast cancer. No other imaging technique has been shown to reduce risk, but breast self-examination (BSE) and physician examination are essential parts of regular breast care.

During the procedure, the breast is compressed by a dedicated mammography machine to even out the tissue, to increase image quality, and to hold the breast still (preventing motion blur). Both front and side images of the breast are taken.

The Technology:

University of Vermont Health Network - Alice Hyde Medical Center utilzes GE SenoClaire Breast Tomosynthesis technology to create a three-dimensional image of compressed breast tissue with minimal exposure to radiation. It's designed to create a three-dimensional image that allows the radiologist to view specific and varied portions of the breast tissue.

In older mammography technology, images were captured in 2D. This new 3D technology allows for a more thorough review, quicker results and less likelihood to need additional imaging.

Operational Hours:

Mammograms can be scheduled Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

Do you have questions?

If you have questions about mammograms, please contact Mammography at (518) 481-2306.