What is X-ray?

To produce an X-ray image, an X-ray machine produces a concentrated beam of electrons known as X-ray photons, a type of radiation. This beam comes into contact with body tissue and/or bone to capture an image.

Why get a an X-ray? 

This technology is used to examine an area where a patient is experiencing pain or discomfort, monitor disease progression and monitor treatment progress. It's most commonly use to identify fractures and/or bone issues, as well as to examine lungs for a variety of conditions.

X-ray, the first medical imaging technology, provides quick, simple scans to speed diagnoses.

The Technology:

University of Vermont Health Network - Alice Hyde Medical Center utilzes both mobile and fixed X-ray units, including the recently installed GE Discovery XR656, which to date is the most state-of-the-art X-ray unit in the North Country. It creates digital images, reducing waste and increasing imaging speed.

Operational Hours:

X-rays are available at all times. Patients with X-ray referrals can either walk-in or schedule an appointment.  

Do you have questions?

If you have questions about x-ray please contact Radiology at (518) 481-2304.