Alice Hyde receives $1.5 million in state Transformation Grant

The University of Vermont Health Network – Alice Hyde Medical Center has received more than $1.5 million in state funding through New York’s Statewide Health Care Facility Transformation Program, state officials announced late Wednesday.

“With the number of rural hospitals in the North Country, Alice Hyde feels very grateful for the state’s investment in and recognition of the projects that we presented to them,” said Alice Hyde President Michelle LeBeau. “It’s great to see the state recognizing the role Alice Hyde plays in serving and providing care to our whole community.”

The $1.542 million in state funds will support three projects at Alice Hyde: upgrades to the hospital’s pharmacy operations, renovations to the hospital’s second floor, which will be transformed into space that houses expanded outpatient services; and the purchase of upgraded telemetry monitoring equipment.

Alice Hyde Chief Operating Officer Matt Jones called the state grant money an investment in projects that will have a ripple effect on operations throughout the organization.

“As Alice Hyde continues to bring new providers to the region, space across our organization is at a premium,” said Jones. “Revitalizing the hospital’s second floor to create a provider practice space will fill a need that’s only going to continue growing as health care organizations emphasize more outpatient services and preventative care. This project, and the state’s investment, is going to have a positive impact on everything from provider recruitment and program development to service line expansion.”

Similarly, Alice Hyde’s pharmacy renovation project, with its emphasis on safety and operations upgrades, will have long-term benefits, Jones said.

“We’ve been considering this for several years, as our pharmacy operations have continued to grow,” he said. “This renovation will allow our employees to work more efficiently and effectively, and preserve the safe working environment we’re committed to providing every single day.”

The hospital has already completed its telemetry monitoring upgrade project. Telemetry monitoring is a process by which the electrical activity of a patient’s heart is monitored for an extended period of time to determine if any problem exists.

“It was such an important project to ensure the high quality of care and safety of our patients that we went ahead and completed it,” said LeBeau.