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Alice Hyde Offers Curbside Telehealth Visits

UVM Health Network – Alice Hyde Medical Center is expanding its Telehealth program with a Curbside Telehealth initiative focused on ensuring those without internet access or telehealth technology can still connect with their health care provider.

Alice Hyde’s Curbside Telehealth program launched this week. Based at the hospital’s 183 Park Street Primary Care building, the program provides scheduled telehealth visits for patients who can’t use telehealth technology at home for a variety of reasons.

“Telehealth is a really great way to stay connected to your provider without having to go out or visit a doctor’s office in-person,” said Kelly Beach, Director of Practice Operations for Alice Hyde’s Outpatient Medical Services. “What we’ve found since launching our telehealth program earlier this month is that some people need that additional piece of support, to ensure their virtual visit with their provider is successful. This is a really simple way to help ensure our patients can have that virtual health care visit: Call your provider, schedule a time to come to 183 Park Street, and we will handle the rest.”

Some residents in Franklin County don’t have access to the reliable internet connection necessary to make a video call possible; or don’t have access to a tablet, computer or smart phone capable of holding a video call. For those patients, Alice Hyde will provide a tablet or iPad which the patient can use from their vehicle to conduct a video visit with their provider. Others may have the technology, but may be too intimidated to try conducting a virtual health care visit at home without assistance. Alice Hyde has help for those patients as well, Beach said. When a patient schedules a Curbside Telehealth visit, a Licensed Practical Nurse will be on-hand to help patients launch their video visit – whether they are using a borrowed piece of technology or their own smart phone or tablet.

“What we want everyone to know is that they can get safe, effective health care during this crisis,” said Beach. “People don’t have to put off their own health care needs, or choose between staying safe during this pandemic and getting the care they need.”

With more than 20 providers – from Primary Care Providers to specialists including Pediatrics, Cardiology and Cancer Care — even patients without a Primary Care Provider can get health care services. Just call (518) 481-2800 to get enrolled with a provider and get set up for your virtual health care visit.