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ALP to Host Limited Visitation Beginning July 21

The Alice Center’s Assisted Living Program (ALP) will begin hosting limited visitation for residents on Tuesday, July 21, as part of New York State’s limited nursing home visitation program.

Starting July 21, the ALP will host pre-scheduled visitation from 9am – 11am, five days per week (Monday – Friday). In accordance with Department of Health regulations, the facility will allow a maximum of 2 visitors at a time, with visitation scheduled in 30-minute sessions and 15 minutes between sessions, to allow for sanitization between visits. All visits will be held outside and as weather permits, and will be supervised by an ALP employee.  

ALP administrators began reaching out to residents and their Points of Contact on Thursday to inform them of the visitation program’s guidelines and restrictions, as well as the need to schedule visitation time by contacting ALP administrators during business hours.

“We’re excited that our ALP residents will have the chance to reconnect in person with their loved ones starting next week,” said Susan Biondolillo, Alice Hyde’s AVP of Long Term Care. “Because visitation is so limited, our program will ensure each resident has the opportunity to see their loved ones in-person, and we’re committed to working with our residents and families to address any issues or concerns they have throughout this process.”

Last Friday state health officials published guidelines and criteria under which nursing homes and long-term care facilities could begin offering limited visitation for residents and their loved ones. In mid-March state officials suspended all visitation at the facilities amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The strict guidelines include mandates for staffing, available Personal Protective Equipment, and limitations on the number of visitors that can be present at a facility, where visitation can be held, and guidelines for how visitation should be held – including mandating social distancing requirements and the use of face coverings during visitation.

The guidelines also require that facilities be free of any COVID-positive tests for at least 28 days prior to hosting visitation. That requirement means The Alice Center’s 135-bed Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF), which is located in the same building as the ALP but is separate and does not share staff or common areas, will not be eligible to host visitation until Aug. 5 at the earliest. The SNF returned a positive COVID test on July 8.