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The Alice Center's Skilled Nursing Facility to Begin Limited Visitation Feb. 22

The Alice Center’s Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) will begin hosting limited visitation for residents on Monday, February 22, as part of New York State’s limited nursing home visitation program.

Starting Feb. 22, the SNF will host pre-scheduled visitation from 9am – 11am, five days per week (Monday – Friday). In accordance with Department of Health regulations, the facility will allow a maximum of 6 visitors at a time, with visitation scheduled in 30-minute sessions and 15 minutes between sessions, to allow for sanitization between visits. All visits will be held inside, in the corridor connecting the SNF and the Assisted Living Program (ALP), and will be supervised by an SNF employee. All visitors must provide a verified, negative COVID-19 test within seven days prior to the date of their scheduled visitation.

SNF administrators are reaching out to residents and their Points of Contact to inform them of the visitation program’s guidelines and restrictions, as well as the need to schedule visitation time by contacting the SNF receptionist at (518) 481-8000 during business hours. Other guidelines for the SNF’s visitation program are available on Alice Hyde’s website.

“We are thrilled to be resuming in-person visitation next week, and want to thank our residents and their families and loved ones for their support and patience over the last several months,” said Susan Biondolillo, Alice Hyde’s Associate Vice President of Long Term Care. “We will ensure everyone has the opportunity to reconnect face-to-face as quickly as possible.”

Visitation at both the SNF and the ALP was suspended in late October, after positive COVID-19 tests were returned by employees and residents. New York State Department of Health guidelines require that long-term care facilities be free of any COVID-positive tests for at least 14 days prior to hosting visitation. Visitation at the ALP resumed on Feb. 8.