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Alice Hyde Pauses Use of Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine

UVM Health Network – Alice Hyde Medical Center is temporarily suspending use of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine, after two federal health agencies – the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – recommended the treatments be immediately halted.

“We are making this decision out of an abundance of caution,” said Matt Jones, Alice Hyde’s Chief Operating Officer. “While we wait for more guidance and information from federal and state public health officials, we will continue to offer doses of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine as long as our supplies last.”

Alice Hyde had begun vaccinating eligible New Yorkers with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine on Monday, when it administered does of the single-shot treatment to 54 people. Vaccine clinics had also been scheduled to take place today and Wednesday at the Alice Hyde Walk-In Clinic on Park Street.

Kelly Beach, Alice Hyde’s Director of Outpatient Medical Services, said the hospital was reaching out directly to individuals scheduled to receive the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and working with them to either reschedule them to receive the Moderna vaccine, or put them on a waiting list while the hospital awaits further guidance from New York State Department of Health on use of the J&J vaccine.

“Our first priority is making sure people are aware of why we are pausing use of the J&J vaccine, and the alternative options they have to be vaccinated while we wait for more information and guidance,” she said.

The decision to pause J&J vaccine distribution will impact about 40 people, who had been scheduled to receive the vaccine today at Alice Hyde Walk-in Clinic. The hospital currently has a limited supply of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccines, and is offering those doses to individuals who had been scheduled to receive the J&J vaccine. The hospital will continue to administer COVID-19 vaccines by appointment as long as its supply of the Moderna vaccine lasts.