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Alice Hyde Auxiliary Celebrates 110th Anniversary

The UVM Health Network – Alice Hyde Medical Center Auxiliary is celebrating its 110th Anniversary later this year, and you’re invited.

“Volunteers are the lifeblood of any community. Volunteering allows people to connect and make their community a better place,” said Connie Gerow, the Auxiliary’s Second Vice President. “The mission of the Auxiliary is ‘Promoting a Health Community’ with a vision for ‘Helping our Community to be Happy, Healthy and Proud’. We’ve been focused on that mission for more than a century, and we are very proud of the support and contributions we make to our local hospital.”

The group’s 110th Birthday Celebration will be held at Noon on Tuesday, Sept. 14, at Malone Golf Club. Tickets to the event are $20 per person and reservations can be made by contacting Auxiliary President Kay Ray at (518) 651-0248, or member Cathie Werely at (518) 483-8638. Guests will receive a menu for the luncheon, after making a reservation. Seating is limited and all guests must be vaccinated to attend the event.

The Auxiliary traces its history back to July 6, 1911, the same year the cornerstone of the hospital was laid. On that day, several men and women gathered at the Malone Courthouse to discuss the future of what was then known as Alice Hyde Memorial Hospital. The group determined that building and operating such a facility could not be done alone, and recommended that a group of local citizens come together to support the process.

Two years later, when Alice Hyde first opened its doors on Sept. 15, 1913, the group – then known as the Women’s Hospital Club of Malone – was already one of the organization’s leading volunteer groups.

“We have been there to support Alice Hyde through contributions, fund-raising efforts, and volunteerism of all kinds,” said Gerow.

In the past, Auxiliary members have been responsible for sewing manufactured garments for hospital patients and physicians; sewing curtains to allow for more patient privacy; providing linens for the hospital’ operating room. More recently the group has focused its efforts on fund-raising projects and targeted high-impact purchases to support patient care and health services across a variety of hospital service lines. Auxiliary members helped raise funds and purchase infant isolettes for Alice Hyde Family Maternity Center, awarded “Mini Grants” to departments such as Alice Hyde Physical Therapy, to help acquire equipment used by patients as part of their recovery programs; and also awards more than $10,000 in annual scholarships to high school and college students pursuing careers in health care.

As the group’s efforts have broadened over the years, their events have captured a special place in the hearts of many Malone residents and members of the Alice Hyde family, and brought the hospital’s medical staff and community together. From hosting its annual raffle, fall bake sale and holiday bazaar, to holding monthly opportunities for Alice Hyde employees to purchase books, linens, scrubs and more, the group’s focus continues to be serving the community and its hospital. Last year alone members contributed more than $5,000 to the Crisis Cash for Change campaign, which the group used to reach out to members for support during the pandemic.

“The Auxiliary is anywhere and everywhere,” said Gerow. “In 2020, the pandemic obviously reduced our ability to have the in-person events we really treasure, but it hasn’t stopped us from continuing to find ways to support Alice Hyde and promote health and wellness in our community. We are thrilled to be able to safely gather and celebrate our 110th Anniversary, and we’re excited to honor the legacy of volunteerism that the Auxiliary is founded upon.”