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Alice Hyde Receives Risk Management Leadership Award

UVM Health Network – Alice Hyde Medical Center was honored for its employee risk management and safety programs this week, receiving PMA Companies’ Risk Management Leadership Award for 2018, 2019 and 2020.

The award is the Companies’ highest honor and recognizes exemplary risk management and employee training and support programs focused on reducing on-the-job injuries. To be eligible for the award, organizations must meet strict criteria regarding long-term Worker’s Compensation claim rates, and must be nominated by third-party consultants who evaluate employee safety, training, education and risk management programs.

“I’ve been with PMA for 20 years in this position, and this is just the second time I’ve had the pleasure of helping present this award,” said Brad Oddo, a Large Account Executive with PMA.

Hospital leaders said the recognition highlights the innovative work of Alice Hyde’s Occupational Health & Wellness Department (OHW) -- which has led the development and implementation of numerous risk management, injury reporting and follow-up programs in recent years, in addition to administering many of the hospital’s pandemic-related employee testing, vaccination, and monitoring protocols. The department consists of Regional Director Greg Freeman; Stephanie Barse, OHW Program Manager, Ashley Barnett, MOA, and Rosanna Secore, LPN.

“The fact that the team has taken such great care of our people during these tumultuous times really speaks to how dedicated and hardworking they are,” said Emily Campbell, Associate Vice President of Patients and People at Alice Hyde. “To be able to achieve this on top of everything else is truly amazing.”

Michael Wilson, CSP, Regional Risk Control Manager for PMA, estimated that that the department’s programs have helped the organization and its employees avoid more than $8 million in lost time and other expenses associated with on-the-job injuries, from 2016 through 2020. He said the estimate is based on factors such as average injury and worker’s compensation rates from similar organizations.

“Your performance has been excellent, and you are more than deserving of this award,” said Wilson.

Freeman said the team’s approach to re-imagining workplace safety and risk management is wide-ranging, and thanked leaders and clinical teams across the organization for their support and contributions to the department’s efforts.

“The question we try to answer every day is ‘how do we give people the tools they need to remain safe?’” said Freeman. “Nobody comes to work planning to get hurt. Our goal is to identify root causes and eliminate them.”