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Arthur Iby

general surgery Patient

During Arthur’s annual visit with Stephanie Leffler, FNP at Alice Hyde, they discussed a colonoscopy that was performed at another hospital which raised some questions. As a result, both Stephanie and Dr. Nikalesh Reddy, a general surgeon at Alice Hyde, urged Arthur to undergo another colonoscopy right away. This was a decision that they all agree saved Arthur’s life, as two cancerous polyps were found in his colon.

"Everyone agrees that choosing Alice Hyde was a decision that saved my life."


Arthur was worried about how his diagnosis and treatment would affect his lifestyle but was still committed to confronting his cancer as soon as possible. Presented with the option of going elsewhere for his surgery and experiencing a longer waiting period, Arthur asked to be put under Dr. Reddy's care and have his surgery performed as soon as possible. Arthur couldn’t be happier with that decision.

Arthur doesn’t know what he would have done without access to quality care close to home. Arthur credits Alice Hyde’s attention to detail during his colonoscopy and skill in laparoscopic procedures with the result–a total colectomy was avoided. “Because I trusted the local care of Alice Hyde, I was able to stay close to home and get back to business more quickly.”

Only months after his surgery, Arthur was able to re-open the sawmill he’s owned and operated for nearly 30 years. During Arthur’s recovery his saw mill was closed, but that didn’t stop people from calling. “The orders were piling up,” he said. Now Arthur is back to creating custom cuts for mantles and a variety of interior sidings from rough cut lumber. He’s enjoyed getting back to work, and he thanks Alice Hyde for the quality care and support.

"Attention to detail and local surgeons saved my life."


“Thanks to Alice Hyde, my business is up and running again. Coming out the other side of this with a clean bill of health, well, it’s like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.”

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