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Gaye Fleury


Gaye Fleury has suffered from back problems for most of her adult life. So, when she went to the doctor in hopes of finding a way to ease the pain, she never thought the results of an MRI would indicate stage IV lung cancer.

"Alice Hyde was an easy decision. I needed to be here with my family. I wanted to be home where I was comfortable."

-Gaye Fleury

"I was absolutely stunned,” she said. “I honestly didn’t think I’d live to see 50.” Gaye’s family was by her side from the get-go. They began traveling, taking in parts of the world she thought she’d surely never experience. But, Gaye also had a medical staff at Alice Hyde she knew she could count on; one that would come to feel like an extension of her own family. Dr. Myrna Sanchez, Oncologist, and Aimee Leroy, a chemotherapy nurse at the Reddy Cancer Center for 10 years, are two people who Gaye couldn’t be more thankful for in regards to her recovery.

"I like to know a lot about my patients. That’s the best way to treat them."

-Dr. Sanchez

Cancer is not just hard on the patient. Their family members suffer too. Gaye’s husband was assured by Dr. Sanchez, Aimee, and their team that Gaye was in good hands. The staff at Alice Hyde’s Reddy Cancer Center provided the support Gaye and her family needed to fight through the long battle with cancer.

“With Alice Hyde Medical Center, I’ve gotten quality care in my hometown.”

-Gaye Fleury

“I’ve always had a good experience with Alice Hyde. I trusted the staff and was confident in what they do. Plus, I don’t think I would have gotten personalized care if I went to a bigger city. With Alice Hyde Medical Center, I’ve gotten quality care in my hometown,” Gaye said.

Because of that care, Gaye gets to continue pursuing her unique passion–turning thrift store finds into works of art like birdhouses and wind chimes. And today, she’s back at it almost full time.

In fact, on her recent 56th birthday, Gaye spent the morning “thrifting and crafting.” One of her favorite things to do is give her crafts away as gifts to see the smiles on the faces of her friends and family.

Gaye has a new addition to the family, a grandson named Thatcher, who she spends a lot of time with. For Gaye, who never thought she would live to see her grand- children, Thatcher is the “light of her life.”

“At times I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop,” Gaye said. “But mostly I’m just taking life one day at a time. This journey makes me look forward, not backward.”

Gaye continues crafting and giving new life to things, which is what she feels Alice Hyde did for her.

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