Lee Smith

Cancer Patient

Lee Smith has known his nurse practitioner, Kathleen Lauzon, since they were in grade school. But it wasn’t until recently that he realized the importance of having a ongoing connection with her as his primary care provider at Alice Hyde. In fact, he credits their relationship with saving his life.

Lee wasn’t showing any signs of prostate cancer. At a routine follow up visit, Kathleen found his PSA was rising and suggested he see a specialist in Urology. When Lee ran into Kathleen at church and mentioned this to her, she told Lee he should get checked on anyway. As his primary care provider, Kathleen knew he had a family history of prostate cancer and recommended that he go for further testing.

"Kathleen told me not to wait around. I tested positive for prostate cancer," said Lee.

The doctor gave Lee the option of surgery or radiation. He chose to have his prostate removed. And to this day, Lee believes his nurse practitioner is the one who saved his life by encouraging him to get checked out further.

"My experience is living proof of the importance of ongoing doctor visits and a strong relationship with your primary care provider. It saved my life," said Lee.

He continues to see her to this day and gets all of his routine care by Kathleen and other providers at Alice Hyde. She has him on regular medications and completes all his checkups.

A year after his prostate was removed, Alice Hyde found out that Lee had a hernia. And guess who it was who made the discovery? That’s right—it was made by his favorite nurse practitioner, Kathleen Lauzon. She informed him of her findings, and Lee had the surgery at Alice Hyde.

"The staff was wonderful. The surgeons were excellent and they treated me great," said Lee.

Throughout all of Lee’s surgeries, diagnosis, and checkups, Kathleen has been there for him. He always asks for her whenever he needs medical attention.

"Kathleen is a true life-saver," Lee says. “Whenever I get a cold or don’t feel well, I go see Kathleen at Alice Hyde."

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