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Ways To Get Care

We're here for you. Get the care you need—when you need it.

COVID-19 ALERT: Get the care you need, when you need it. Video visits are available and safety measures are in place for in-person visits to Primary Care and Specialty practices. Click here to learn more about the many care options available to you.

Safely delivering care has always been at the core of our mission. With the COVID-19 pandemic, we are taking extra precautions by adjusting some of the ways we provide care in person as well as expanding access to remote care options.

For your peace of mind, we offer additional ways for you receive care.

Video Visits
Curbside Visits
Telephone Visits
In-Person Visits
Scheduled Visits
Emergency Care

Ways You Can Receive Care

Video, Curbside and Phone Visits Green icon of video visit with provider on laptop

  • Video Visits: A video visit is a secure video appointment between you and your provider using a computer (with video camera and microphone), tablet or smartphone. Both you and the provider are able to see, hear and speak to each other about your health concerns and care, just as you would during an in-office visit. Your provider can also submit any required prescriptions to your pharmacy and help to coordinate necessary follow-up. Contact your provider or care team to determine if a video visit is an option for your needs. Learn more.
  • Curbside Visits: If you have difficulty with reliable internet access or don’t have the telehealth technology, our Curbside Telehealth can connect you with your health care provider.  Available at our 183 Park Street Primary Care building, Tower Health Center, Bessette Health Center, Dwyer Health Center and our Endocrinology practice at 20 Fourth Street in Malone, you can call your provider to schedule a curbside visit.  If you don’t have a Primary Care Provider you can call (518) 481-2800 to get enrolled with a provider and get set up for your virtual or curbside Telehealth visit.
  • Telephone Visits: For some health visits or follow-up needs, an appointment by phone with your provider may be appropriate. Contact your provider or care team to determine if a telephone visit is an option for your needs

In-Person Visits Green icon of provider talking with patient

When you arrive for an in-person visit, you will notice additional safety precautions. We are conducting health screenings to minimize the risk of COVID-19 exposure to our patients and staff and route anyone with respiratory complaints safely to care.

We have eliminated all waiting rooms, and upon arrival you will check in by phone with your provider’s office. Once screened, you will be taken directly to the exam room. To help limit the number of patients that come to our facility at any one time and reduce waiting times, we’re scheduling some services that, before COVID-19, you could receive without an appointment. Additionally, we require the appropriate use of personal protective equipment, such as masks, by all staff and patients. We have also implemented additional cleaning measures.

  • Scheduled Visits: Your provider will determine whether an in-person visit is right for you. Precautions are in place to support the safety and comfort of both our patients and people. Contact your provider’s office to discuss your health needs.
  • Emergency Care: For emergency health needs, our Emergency Department, located on our Main Campus, 133 Park Street in Malone, remains open 24/7. Precautions and visitation policies are in place to support the safety and comfort of both patients and staff.

Don’t Delay Your Health Needs or Ignore Your Wellbeing

The COVID-19 pandemic has not put an end to strokes, heart attacks, cancer, diabetes or mental health and it won’t prevent a broken arm. Contact your provider’s office with any health questions or concerns and please remember, if you’re in need of emergent care, our Emergency Department is always open and ready to help. Please don’t delay seeking care – your health is too important.